Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Solus Lighting LTD moves into the political realm

Solus Lighting LTD was recently hired to light the official Vote No on Issue 2 Watch Party.  Held on election night, the watch party was for all types of union workers to assemble in one place to watch the results of the election,  Solus Lighting LTD provided up lighting around the room in the official Issue 2 blue as well as the stage lighting.  The stage lighting was of particular importance for this special event, as the watch party was covered on all local news stations here in Cleveland, Ohio as well as on the Ohio News Network.  Check out some pictures below, as well as on our website and our Facebook page!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A night to remember

Solus Lighting LTD was pleased to provide the d├ęcor lighting for a b'nai mitzvah this past weekend.  Ninety percent of the lighting elements consisted of LED lighting fixtures.  There were sculptures around the edge of the room that were lit with led strip lights.  Other elements included under table lighting, which were lit with wireless led fixtures.  Wireless led fixtures is something that we haven't talked about too much here on the blog.  The advantages of wireless fixtures, is that there is no power or data cable running to these fixtures.  So when a client wants their spandex covered tables to glow and change color, there is no better choice than a wireless led fixture -- no cables, and no heat generated from the light source.  Another element the decorator used was six 10' tall white corrugated plastic columns.  These columns were used as set pieces for the dj booth on the stage.  We, again, used the wireless led fixtures inside the bottom of the columns for amazing bold colors that changed through out the night.  Check out some pics below.  More pictures can be found on our website and Facebook page.  We have also posted some videos of the fixtures in action on our You Tube page.