Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Grand Pacific Hotel inaugural bridal soirée

Solus Lighting LTD was honored to be a part of the Grand Pacific Hotel's first ever bridal show.  Held in the main lobby of the historic Grand Pacific Hotel located in Grand Pacific Junction, the bridal show was an excellent opportunity for us to show how we can transform any space.  Many of the brides we got to interact with have already selected the hotel as the site of their reception.  Solus Lighting LTD offered them the opportunity to see what light can do in the space first hand.  "Not only did the neutral tones of the venue allow color to show remarkably well, the uplights showcased the character of this historic venue", says Lead Designer Maureen Patterson.

Check out some before and after shots below, as well as on our website and Facebook fan page.  More information about this magnificent hotel can be found on the Grand Pacific Hotel website.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New resident at CMNH

There is a new resident at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  Alice the Allosaurus joins Happy the Haplocanthosaurus and others in the Kirtland Hall of Prehistoric Life.  Solus Lighting LTD is excited about getting to add Alice into our light design for weddings and other special events in Kirtland.  Check out some shots of Alice all lit up below as well as on our website and Facebook fan page!